Culture Tour In Nepal

Nepal is blessed with one of the richest cultures in the world. Culture has been called 'the way of life for an entire society'. The statement holds particularly true in case of Nepal where every aspect of life, food, clothing and even occupations are culturally guided. The culture of Nepal includes the codes of manners, dress, language, rituals, norms of behavior and systems of belief.

Nice to Know 
» The culture of Nepal is a unique combination of tradition and novelty. The traditions are followed as they were and new customs are created to keep pace with the changing times. cultural program in Nepal
» Culture in Nepal is an assemblage of music, architecture, religion and literature. 
» The mountain kingdom of Nepal is multi-ethic and multi-lingual. The land is rich with unique cultural groups like Tharu,Yadav, Ahir, Newars and others. 

Nepal Hospitality 
Nepalese are among the most hospitable hosts. This is the reason for which tourists from far and wide enjoy coming to Nepal time and again. Local Nepalese are generally rural people who welcome the tourists to their homes for tea, coffee or supper. Nepalese are culturally warm, hospitable and affectionate hosts who place their heart above their head.

Nepal Dress
Daura-Suruwal, typically termed as 'Labeda-Suruwal' is the traditional Nepali dress. The dress has several religious beliefs identifying its designs and has therefore remained the same from the years. The Daura has eight strings that serves to tie itself up around the body. Eight is the lucky number in Nepali mythology.

Also, the Daura has five pleats or Kallis, signifying Pancha Buddha or Pancha Ratna. And the closed neck of the Daura signifies the snake around the Lord Shiva's neck. The Nepali dress for women is a cotton sari (Guniu), that is gaining great popularity in the fashion world.

The main rituals followed in Nepal are naming ceremony, rice-feeding ceremony, tonsure ceremony, ceremony of giving Nepali Sari (Guniu), marriage ceremony and funeral rite.The rituals are still prevailing in society and are performed with zeal.. Different ritual experts have different roles in these rituals.

Cultural Sites 
Astonishing enough, seven out of the ten world heritage sites in Nepal are termed cultural by UNESCO. Thus, the stupas, monasteries, temples and architecture are all representatives of the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. The following are the cultural world heritage sites of Nepal.

» Kathmandu Durbar Square
» Patan Durbar Square 
» Bhaktapur Durbar Square 
» Changu Narayan Temple 
» Swayambhunath Stupa 
» Pashupatinath Temple 
» Lumbini
» Bouddhanath Stupa

Apart form the world heritage sites there are other pilgrimage sites in Nepal that hold great cultural importance. A tour to these places will make you familiar with the rich Nepal culture.

» Barah Chhetra, Halesi Mahadev, Janakpur, Pathibhara, Tengboche in East Nepal
» Manakaman, Gorkha, Lumbini, Muktinath, Gosainkunda, Tansen, Kathmandu Valley in Central Nepal
» Swargadwari, Khaptad Ashram in West Nepal are famous pilgrimage sites in Nepal.

Being culturally rich country, there are a number of places to have a culture tour in Nepal. Therefore, outfitter Nepal believes to help clients to have a tour in such places, brief about the arts, traditions, and architectures of the places where the people abide various kinds of cultures. 

No doubt that Nepal is a small country with different varieties. It is famous for its unity in diversity, although there is diverse language, culture, religion; customs, tradition and strong belief on own faith, people do have unity and respect on others. 

It is said that there are over 90 different ethnic groups people live in Nepal, who speak over 100 languages. There are several social and cultural beliefs and customs among these different ethnic groups in Nepal. Subsequently, the way of celebration, observin8g the culture or festivals, way of wearing things, customs, beliefs and norms etc differ from one ethnic group to another.

Kathmandu valley is the Shangri-la city of Nepal. It is also a unique destination for many, as city is surrounded by hills around and it is also the cradle of Nepalese civilization and culture. The valley boasts seven cultural heritage sites of the world within a distance of mere 20 km. Besides that, the city is famous for its archeological and historical sites as well along with many sight seeing places namely, Namo Buddha [an amazing legend related to Buddha and a good place for meditation], Budhanilkantha, [a remarkable statue of lord Visnu, reclining on bed of snakes], Dakchhin Kali etc are very interesting place for sight-seeing around the valley.

So, if any of you want to have tour and widen the horizon of your knowledge and experience in this small but diverse country, let us give a chance to serve you.